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Hello I am Kate


Who am I: I am a passionate digital designer from Adelaide, South Australia.

A bit more about me: I created my first webpage at the age of 11 and went on to study web development, graphic design and digital media at Flinders University. I now tutor at Flinders in web development. I specialise in WordPress development but have a whole other range of skills at my disposal. I have helped several small businesses enhance their overall online presence by improving their website, social media usage and SEO implementation. In addition I am an avid photographer, using my knowledge of light, depth and focus to create both artistic and commercial images.

My clients include: Osteria, Singapore House, Ruby Red Flamingo, Tony Tomatoes, Charminar, Orientai, Waterfront Accommodation, Mesa Lunga, Cliche Exhibition/Winkler Gallery, Urtext, Caffe Paparazzi, Wiggin' Out! & Palas Jewellery.

Why you should hire me: Being freelance I have a very small overhead and so can offer extremely competitive prices. I get work done quickly to the highest standard quality and will be in constant communication with you throughout the process. I am very approachable and will take the time to explain any questions you have.

My Work

Web Design & Development

Portrait Mode Showcase

Portrait Mode by Urtext

Development | WordPress
Waterfront website

Waterfront Accommodation

Design | Development | WordPress
Mesa Lunga website

Mesa Lunga Restaurant & Bar

Design | Development
Tony Tomatoes website

Tony Tomatoes Restaurant

Design | Development
Ruby Red Flamingo website

Ruby Red Flamingo Restaurant

Cliche Exhibition website

Cliche Exhibition Restaurant

Design | Development | WordPress
Wiggin' Out! website

Wiggin' Out!

Design | Development | E-Commerce
Palas's new website

Palas Jewellery

Design | Development | E-Commerce
more to come

Graphic Design

Tony Tomato Logo

Tony Tomatoes Restaurant

Logo | Website Background
Orientai Brighton poster

Orientai (Brighton) Restaurant

Rebranding | Poster
Singapore House Business Card

Singapore House Restaurant

Business Card
Mexican Traffic Logo

Mexican Traffic Restaurant

Theatre Poster

Origin of the Species

Artwork for Theatre Poster
NWLS Thank You Card

New World Lifestyle Group

Thank You Card
Winkler Gallery Logo

Winkler Gallery

Flinders Uni Flat Art Work

Flinders University Exam Campaign

Graphic Design
Flinders Uni Flat Art Work

Flinders University Exam Campaign

Graphic Design
Clean Eating Menu at Cafe Paparazzi

Clean Eating Menu at Caffe Paparazzi

Menu & Voucher Design
More to come



Get in Touch

I would be more than happy to work with you on your next project. You can email me at hello@hazelnutcreative.com or use this nifty little form to outline your needs. I will be in contact as soon as I can.